Sunday, May 2, 2010

Engine Bay Installed and Quarter Panel Back On

Things have been really busy around our household lately and I found myself doing more staring at the Ghia than making forward progress on it. I had to fab up the left 1/3 of the engine bay (plus a little bit of the center 1/3), I fit the engine bay metal about 50 times trying to figure out if I was in the right place (hard to do with the right 1/4 panel off and the left 1/4 panel just hanging on). I also had to weld up the under structure, remove the under structure from the old right 1/3 and prep everything for a massive onslaught of welding.

I took a week's vacation and thought I would have tons of time to get the rear end back together. Unfortunately, my wife's dad fell ill and we had to make two trips down to see him in the last week. While I love the KG and I love working on it; family comes first and I had no intention of working on the car when my F-I-Law was heading to the hospital. As luck would have it, he had a small but very serious procedure done on Thursday and I had a meeting back home on Thursday night. My wife stayed in Southern MO to take care of her dad and I returned home for my meeting. We decided someone would meet me 1/2 way to pick up my wife, so I stayed home by myself and was able to put some serious time into the car for two days.

I was able to install the engine deck, get the rear quarter back on and fix a few small items around the car. I still have some small clean up welding/grinding to do, but it's 95% done. I should be able to push the project forward a bit this coming week, so hopefully I'll move back to the rocker panels by the end of May.

my fab job on the left 1/3 of the deck and about 4-5" of the center section
bay and 1/4 panel welded in place
the stitches holding everything together
The videos of the operations:

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