Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Body finally meets chassis

I have been off the ghia for awhile. My aquaintance (the guy with the auto lift and huge workshop) and I never hooked up over the summer to work on the rockers. He is working on a cobra kit with his brother and he has been waist deep in that project since I asked about using his lift. I don't like to impose so I conceived and I am moving forward with plan B. It took awhile to figure out just how to be able to lift the body without a car lift. Thankfully, I have some thoughtful relatives!

My wife's grandfather lent me his cherry picker and two vehicle dollies. I bought two other dollies ($50 on sale at HF) so I have all four wheels with casters under them. I had 5 guys over on Sunday and we lifted the body off my cart and put it onto the rebuilt chassis. Hopefully with the cherry picker, I can lift the body from the front enough to get rocker pieces and parts in, set it back down for a fit and tack, then lift back up for finish welding.

I spent this evening grinding the edges of the new floor pans back so only a 1/4" lip sticks out. The pans had anywhere from 1/4" to over 3/4" of metal sticking out. The driver's side is ready to go now.

It actually sort of resembles a car again!
Chassis and body apart.

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