Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Moving forward

Over the past couple days I have been working to get the car ready to have both ends of the driver's side rockers welded up. I worked on the lip of the passenger side pans so the passenger side would sit correctly. I welded in a brace from the dash to the cv top frame connection point behind and inside of the driver's door opening so I could take out my door brace. Amazingly, the brace was perfectly snug when I removed it. That means the geometry of the opening did not change during the lifting, moving etc!

I reattached the drivers door to work on getting all the gaps correct. It took about 30 minutes to get everything close to where it should be. I need to insert the rubber shims at "point A" on the shock towers (both sides) to get the b pillar gap parallel to the edge of the door. I am hoping to get this done over the xmas holiday. I will also reattach the top frame before I do my welding. I want to be certain that everything fits perfectly before I make my repairs permanent!

Pics to follow

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