Thursday, January 1, 2009

Door Gapping

I have been tweeking the door gap on the driver's side trying to get everything lined up perfectly before I do the final welding on the inner lower 1/4 at the back of the rocker and the welding that needs to be done behind the hinge pillar. I put the top frame back on, added spacers to the top of the shock tower, "Point B" is rusted out, so there isn't a spacer there. I am waiting on a package from KGP&R. It has the pan seal, 17mm and 10 mm spacers along with a few chassis grommets. If is shows up tomorrow, I'll hang the passenger's door and get it gapped, then weld like crazy to get the driver's side wrapped up. If all goes well, I should have this side done in the next week or two. top frame and driver's door back on

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