Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wheel Well Patch

I got quite a few little things done this weekend. I got my air compressor adjusted to run at 110 PSI instead of 90 (I'll probably goose it up to 125 PSI when I find a new pop off value.) I got the old lower inner rear rocker cut out and a new patch on the wheel whell installed (behind the lower inner rear rocker.) I also received my package from KGP&R with the chassis rubber parts. I installed the 17mm pads on the shock towers, the 10mm pad on the front beam and I slid the pan gasket under the body along the front and rear of the pan where the body bolts on. I placed the pads at "Point A" but there was more space than pad, so they are floating there for the time being. The pics below are of the patch panel I had to make. It took about 1 hour to make it, weld it up and grind it down. I couldn't get my weld-thru primer to come out of the can, so I'll get a new can tomorrow and squirt the repair area before the lower inner rear rocker goes on.

After plenty of cutting and fitting, here are the parts
Parts welded together

Patch installed at bottom of wheel well

Lower inner rear rocker clamped up

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