Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Inner Rear Rocker Welded In

I took a pause for a day to get my weld-thru primer situation figured out. I bought a can a few years ago and it clogged after one use. I then bought a new can about 1 year ago and I tried to use it for the first time over the weekend. It wouldn't go... I bought a new can on Monday to the tune of $20. I had them put the other 2 cans on the shaker with no luck of freeing up the clogged tubes. I would like to return the $20 can for now because I know it will clog before I get to use it all. That said, I cut one of the cans open to see if I could use it's contents... Wouldn't you know!!! I stabbed it with a nail to let out the propellant, then sliced the bottom off with a utility knife. I then put the paint into a tupperware container so I could seal it up for later use. Worked like a charm...
Now to the car. I welded on the rear of the rocker tonight after I was done messing about with the paint.

rear section welded to rocker

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