Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Project moving along again

I haven't got any new pics to post, but I have some progress to report. I have re-established contact with a fellow car buff who has offered to assist me in getting my rockers fitted up. He has a lift in his garage we are going to use to get the heater channels fit correctly. I am going to take the body and chassis over to his house, we will use his lift like a fork lift and seperate and mate the body as many times as it takes for everything to fit. We are tentatively scheduled for 3 weekends from now.

In the mean time, I am preping the car a bit and building a rotisserie. I made up the front and back skewers this evening out of some angle iron and the tubes out of a trashed front beam. I am expecting some 2-1/2" square tubing to come my way early next week. I will make the bottom of the rotisserie when that arrives. After we get the rockers fit up, I am going to mount the car to the rotisserie and bring it back home.

I also received a lesson in how to 'tune in' my sandblaster. I gave up on it last year when it took about 4 hours to blast an area the size of a butter tub. I found out one of the valves needs to run at 50% instead of 100%. The full open position causes too much media to clog the feed tube and then everything surges instead of running smoothly. After we get the rockers in, I plan on a full-on sandblasting.

I'll post pics of the rotisserie when I get it built.

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