Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blasting the rear interior

Over the weekend I decided to sandblast the rear package area of the Ghia. It was pretty gnarley back there and I wanted more practice with the pressure blaster now that I know how to use it. I got the best results with the regulator set around 50PSI. I again was using fine grit black beauty. I rolled the car into the driveway (neighbors LOVED that) and I covered the interior up with a large tarp. My car is on a dolly, so I have plentey of room to get "inside" it from underneath the dolly. The tarp helped keep the media contained to a really small area. When I do the rest of the body, I'll be tarping areas to keep clean up nice and simple. I spent about 3 hours on Saturday and another 3 hours on Sunday. A fair amount of the time was to get things set up and get the blaster loaded. I went through 250 lbs of media
Package area before the blast

Driver's side fender well

About 1/2 way through (end of Saturday)

I forgot to take a pic when I finished blasting, so here is the interior in DP90 sealer

Another shot of the area in sealer. I see a spot I missed.

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  1. looks like a lot of work.
    i'll sell you a miata if you just want to drive around in a tiny convertible. chicks like it too.


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