Thursday, July 3, 2008

Color Concept ???

Concept "artwork"
Photo of a '57 with the green I am thinking about using

I butchered up someone's photo of a 74 vert so I could consider options for color and finish. I am smoothing the front grills and stripping the trim from the lower door area. I am also planning on kicking the plastic on the top of the doors so they will look more vintage. The dash pad may or may not stay, but I'll be smoothing out all the holes in the face. I am not replacing the lower dash pad.

The green is supposed to be from a 50's era ghia (see second photo). I'll have to look up the color, but I have seen a few pics online of 50's cars that have this color.

Interior will be white or ivory with trim accents to match the paint. I am planning on a light colored top. I love Foose's use of two tone on his cars, so there might be ivory paint on the interior instead of carrying the green all the way through. I think that might be a nice touch.

I'll have other sketches later on down the line.

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