Monday, April 20, 2009

Rocker Clear Out

My wife went off to the gym for a couple hours tonight so I had some time to make a bit of noise in the garage. I grabbed the trusty old saber saw (thanks Randy for the blades) and chopped out the remaining sections of rocker back behind the door. I left the final 1/2 in that is stuck to the lower section of the wheel well so I can measure and make sure the new one goes in properly. I drilled out the 2 spot welds on the bottom of the B-Pillar and also drilled out the spots where the heater supply tube enters by the bottom of the rear seat and where it connects at the back under the rear seat area. A little clean up later this week and I should be ready to install the new rocker sections. Man, this is going WAY faster than the driver's side (about 10 years faster!)

Passenger side rocker area behind door

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