Sunday, May 3, 2009

Work continues on the right rocker

I wire wheeled and otherwise cleaned the shelf rash off the rocker skin this morning. I also cleaned up the stiffener I had fabbed a few months back. I mixed up about 200 ml of DP90 to shoot them with. Something has happend to my paint. It comes out of the gun like spatter paint. I can see the material sticking to the needle of the gun and creating bizarre airflow patterns. I managed to get the pieces coated, although it left quite a texture.

After I shot my two parts, added a bit of laquer thinner and shot my dogleg (I figured I could experiement since this part will wind up inside the car). The paint flowed beautifully out of the gun after I added the thinner. I don't know if it's acceptable to add thinner to epoxy..? I plan on calling the PPG store in the morning to find out what they know.

Hopefully I'll get the skin on in the next couple days and get the rest of the rocker together in the coming weeks.

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