Sunday, May 10, 2009

Passenger rocker skin installed

I welded in the passenger side rocker skin and stiffener today. I spent about one hour cleaning up the welding point behind the b-pillar. This seems to be one of the few areas where the factory welded the crap out of the part.

On the initial fit up, I noticed that the bottom gap was huge, about 1/2". Upon closer inspection, I noticed the bottom of the b-pillar didn't fit the curve of the bottom of the door. I set a jack under the area and pushed (bounced) on the top of the rear quarter to bend the curve back up. After about three tries, I had it where I wanted it. I tacked everything up, then cut off my bottom angle iron brace. Evidently, I have an issue somewhere with the body meeting the pan. After the brace was off, the door no longer lined up. I am going to have my wife's uncle help me at some point this week to get the body shimmed up and get the door closing correctly. When I get it good and lined up, I'll weld the Dickens out of the rocker and heater channel.

Skin welded inAfter the skin was welded I welded up the inner rear rocker so it will be ready to install soon.

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