Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Followup pics

Here are the pics from this past weekend's fun and excitment. I bought a HF planising hammer in December and haven't really used it for anything real yet, so I figured I would make my lower apron with it. Here are the pics from my first go at the HF PH. Flat sheet marked out for the bubble at the bottom of the spare tire well

Shape roughed out on the hammer (5-10 minutes)

A bead tool I made by taking the pointy chisel from an air chisel set and grinding down the end. I chocked the chisel into a drill and then hit the grinder so the drill acted like a lathe and kept the end concentric

I then crafted a lower die out of a piece of tubing cut in half longways and a scrap piece of 1/4" plate

Here is the finished panel
The panel doesn't look too bad and fits really well. I am a perfectionist though and I don't like the zits that the planishing hammer left. I went to HF and looked at their E-Wheels. They were on sale for $199. Of course they had no stock, so I got a raincheck. I plan to buy the e-wheel and make this panel again. Hopefully they will get some wheels in the next couple weeks.

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