Sunday, November 8, 2009

Welding in the quarter apron

I spent about 3 hours refitting and welding in the panel Cecil and I made on Thursday. I had left a bit of the rain channel so the quarter panel wouldn't move before I welded in my patch... Well after a ton of fitting with the decklid and scratching my head, I figured out that the quarter might have been welded in wrong by the PO's body butcher. With that in mind, I cut the channel and freed the quarter up to move around a bit. I was able to take out some of the pie shape in the top of the gap and also I leveled up the quarter and decklid. After that was done, I welded in the panel and it looks like I haven't got a perfect gap, but it's about 1/2 way there... I'll either lead it in or hit it with the body filler. I doubt I'll cut any more on this panel, it's already been through hell and back.

Pie shaped gap before cutting the rain channel
Panel after another hour of fitting
Panel tacked up
Panel welded in. I left the last inch or so loose so I can shape the corner to fit later on when I fab the rain channel.

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