Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Passenger Side Rear Quarter Patches

While trying to straighten out the issues with the hood gap around the rear decklid, I discovered some chipping paint on the lower section of the right side quarter panel on the driver's side. After grinding off the paint, I found a 2" hole that had been filled with bondo and painted over. There was NO metal behind it at all. I cut off the rotted section and found more rot on the wheel well inside where the quarter welds on. I wound up having to cut out even more of the panel to get to the wheel well underneath.

I made the repair to the well, then started making the patch for the bottom of the quarter. There is a compound curve just below the indent for the bumper. I spent about 15 minutes with my HF planishing hammer and my redneck shrinker making the curve. After it was formed and fit up, I started welding everything back together. I still have a section I need to fab up and weld in either tonight or later in the week.
quarter with bad metal removed and the wheel well patched up.
patch with compound curve getting fit up and ready to weld

patch welded in
This is the extra piece I cut out to get access to the wheel well. It's getting welded right back into place.
Everything ground down. I still have some patching to complete. I might break out the POR15 before I go much further.

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