Sunday, July 26, 2009

Driver's side front bumper mount

I had about an hour to work today, so I decided to remove the LF bumper mount. Both sides are equally crappy and I have to replace the apron, so I figured I'd remove both sides, then fix the apron. OR... I may remove the apron, then weld in the bumper mounts first. I'll have to see which makes more sense. In the end, not too many folks will ever see this area, so maybe I am overthinking it a bit.

I made a patch for the tire bubble, but I found out the replacement part from all the ghia parts folks is 36" wide. Looking at how the rot extends far beyond the bubble, I will need the whole patch. I will fab up the rear section that sits behind the spare tire and I will also fab up the end pieces of the inner fender (ie. the piece I removed today). I plan on fabbing the bumper mount as well. I've seen the repops and they are so-so. I can easily make one just as nice.

looking from the wheel opening at the bumper bracket mount
Looking at the mount from inside the trunk area (see the additional rot I was talking about?)

Bumper mount cut out. The rot is revealed!
The extracted bumper mount.

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