Friday, July 31, 2009

Blasting Luggage Compartment

I didn't have a ton of work to do at the office today so I took off early and blasted the ghia's luggage area and the bottom side of the hood (I stopped there because the blaster was empty and my wife was ready to go out and eat dinner.) I am just about wrapped up on the rust repairs up front. I noticed where the inner fender seals had been there were some issues, so it seemed like as good a time as any to clean things up. While blasting I hit the areas around the seals good and found a few rust holes there, so it was a good exercise to make sure I am 100% on the metal work.

It took about 3 hours and I went through 3 - 80# sacks of Black Diamond coal slag. This media works really well for this type of thing. I just wish my compressor could keep up a bit better. I have a 60gal 5hp black max and I usually stop about every 15-20 minutes to let it catch up and cool off for a few minutes.

Before. The dark parts aren't dirt, they are rust.
Blasted pretty clean. If I were scoring I'd give it a B+
What a freaking mess!!! That's 250# of coal slag. You can see the hood off to the side.

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