Monday, July 27, 2009

Inner fender front panel

I spent about an hour tonight fabbing up the lower front section of the LF inner fender panel. I made a paper template first since I know I'll have to make the same part for the RF inner fender. I drew out the paper template without the 90 degree edges and made it fit really well inside the existing part. Then I measured the 90 edges and lips and made notes to add that length to the outsides of the panel. The thickness of the edges varied from .6" to .4" and the rearmost section had a .4" full return so I made that section 1" larger than the template. There is a section with a joggle, so I clamped the blank down to a 3/16" thick piece of steel and beat the joggle in with a square sided hammer.

I also ordered the lower apron from Mike at House of Ghia today. He said he would ship it today, so hopefully that will arrive before the weekend so I can start messing about with it as well.

template and a flat blank
part taking shape (right after I embossed the joggle)

part ready for welding and fitting up. I may cut it in half to make it easier to fit up.

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