Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Left Rocker Complete

Spent another day of vacation banging out work on the Karmann Ghia. Today's menu had the left quarter panel lower front section as the blue plate. I spent about 4 hours getting it fit up and welded in. After it was complete, I spent 4 more hours grinding down both quarter patches and stripping some remaining paint from the door jambs, windshield frame and convertible top cable tunnel (the strip around the outside back of the passenger compartment.) All in all I made good progress.

My rear apron did not arrive from House of Ghia today. I spoke with Mike, the owner, last week and he said they were out of stock and he would have one drop shipped from the manufacturer and it was supposed to be here today... Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow or my final weekend of 70 degree temps may pass me by without getting paint on the car. If that happens, I'll have to punt and come up with a backup plan... I don't think the epoxy needs 70 degrees to cure but the polyester surfacer does for sure. I can always fire up the kerosene heater while I'm laying down the surfacer.

Right side quarter patch ground down

Left side patch welded in and dressed

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