Monday, October 11, 2010

Nose Ridge and Lower Fenders

Back in January I made a special tool for reshaping the Nose Ridge Bead on the Ghia.
Well, I finally got to use it this past weekend to straighten out the bead. After about a dozen passes with the tool (light rapping on the tool), the ridge looks to be about 99%. There are a couple deep gouges in the bead and some small lumps on the sides that I couldn't get worked out. I am planning to squirt a coat of polyester filler primer on the whole car, and I'll bet that will make the imperfections dissappear. Believe it or not, the inside of the bead looked like brand new. I don't believe anyone but a seasoned body man could tell that this bead has ever been damaged.

This weekend I also was able to grind away the rust on the right A-pillar inside the fender. My grinding tools wouldn't fit all the way back into the crevises, so I took a putty knife and cleaned off all the loose scale. Tonight in the 45 minutes I had from the time I left the office and the time I had to leave for a Board of Alderman meeting, I managed to give the area a good coat of POR-15. Everywhere else on the car, I have made sure I have 100% of the rust off. In this area, I figured, it will never be seen, and the metal is very thick. The good coating of POR should never come loose and hopefully never allow any moisture into the areas that have/had a bit of surface rust left on them.

Hard to photograph, but the nose bead is smooth and consistant
Rust cleaned from the inner lower fender section

Nice coating of POR-15 on the inner fender and the new section of skin. I am going to cut the top of the patch off, so I didn't bother grinding or painting it.

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