Monday, October 4, 2010

Seat Track Repair

I worked a bit tonight on prepping the seat tracks to receive a nice coating of POR-15. I'm hoping to get them painted tomorrow and welded in later in the week. You know what's next... That's right, I'm going to install the seats and steering wheel!!! It will be time to sit in the Ghia for real and see how it feels. I'm going to see if my wife will hop in with me and take a picture. I bet she won't be as excited as I will be.

To fix the track I had to weld a tab on the outer track to complete the flat plate that welds to the floor pan. Also missing was the bump out in the vertical part of the track. Not too big of a job, but it still took two hours to clean them up, fit up the pieces and weld them in.

Patch on the horizontal welded in and patch for the bump out ready to weld.

Bump out patch welded in

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