Sunday, October 31, 2010

Polyester Filler/Surfacer Applied

My last official day of vacation and I checked off the last item on my todo list! I got the car coated in PPG JP205 polyester primer/surfacer. I don't have any experiece with this stuff and it was a bit of a challenge setting up my gun to get it to shoot properly. It is THICK stuff. I bought a gallon and I was planning to use about 3/4 of it. I managed to put the stir stick into the gallon can AFTER I stirred some hardener into a batch in a mixing cup. After that, I figured I better use the whole gallon or it would probably be rock hard the next time I went to use it.

It took me about 8 trips around the car to use up the whole gallon. I think I had the gun set too thin to start with, so I thickend up the mix and I was draining guns in about 10 minutes. I also shot both doors and the deck lid. I was going to shoot the hood too, but I wrapped the edges in packing tape a year or so ago and when I went to take it off, it left adheasive all over the place. I tried to wipe it off with thinner and cleaner, then tried to sand it off and went right through the epoxy... The hood is about 100% so it shouldn't need a bunch of primer/surfacer. I'll probably shoot it with a 2K primer later on.

The whole house stinks like bondo. It's 50 degrees and we have all the windows open. Hopefully it burns off soon!!!

Car in JP 205
Doors in polyester

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  1. Hi Greg,

    TR6 Dave here, just wondering how everything turned out. I've been standing on the diving board staring down at the water for a while now, feel like I'm just about ready to jump in. Sent you a message over on YouTube about picking your brain a bit, but wasn't sure if you check that often over there. If you get a chance, I'd love to go over some stuff with you.



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