Friday, October 29, 2010

Rear Hood gap and apron

BIG DAY TODAY!!! I finished the bodywork on the exterior of the car today! I think I am ready to squirt epoxy tomorrow. I have a few little items to finish up before I do that, but the bulk of the work is complete. Today I welded in the new apron from Mike at House of Ghia. He made special arrangements to have it drop shipped to me from the Ventura Warehouse Group (I think that is KGP&R). It was one of the best quality repops I have received on this project.

I finally conceeded to cutting the right rear quarter at the decklid gap. I really had a bad feeling about this, because the quarter was original and uncut, but in the end, it didn't fit, so something was wrong. After I got everything stitched up, I feel it was probably the best decision I made on the restoration so far. The fit is fantastic now!

Tomorrow I paint!!!

Marking out the lines for surgery

Quarter panel cut and ready to modify
Quarter with nice even gap and everything welded in place

Apron in place and patch fabbed up for the last hole left on the car

Last piece of the body welded into place and ground down.

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