Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grind it down

I ground down my welds from last night. I forgot to fish for pinholes. For those who don't know what that means, sometimes after you grind down mig welds you'll find very small pinholes in and around the weld bead. This happens because the sheet metal is thin and the welds are thin, so you grind off bits below the point of pentration. Also if your welds don't overlap properly, you get cavities in between spots. I have been without my auto darken helmet, so it has been difficult to hit the right spots using the traditional point, nod, squeeze method. I usually put a 500W halogen work light behind the patch and look for light coming through.

I am getting ready to take care of the lip that holds the weatherseal around the trunk. You can see from the pics that it is rusted at every spot weld. Has anyone done this before? Any advice? I know there are two layers, one from the fender and the other from the inner fender. I suspect I'll take a piece about 1" tall and weld it to the inside then trim it to fit. Maybe I'll keep the part attached to the fender and weld the thing back full???

grinding done on last night's patch
Weatherseal lip from the top
Small rust hole
Small rust hole filled in and ground down

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