Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nose bead question

I want to make a tool to reform my nose bead. Can someone tell me whether the factory profile for the ridge was more like #1 or #2 in this picture?


  1. You should ask John Kelly (he's on thesamba) about the nose bead shape. He used to make them.

    I'm "Deutsch" from thsamba

  2. Mine is like #2. I can take some pics if you like.

    Also, I am doing my driver side rockers and I had a couple of questions if you have a spare minute(seeing that you have done yours somewhat recently).

  3. I have plenty of time to answer questions about the rockers. Ask away.

  4. Thanks Deutsch. John and I have a post going over there as well. I have 2 folks voting for #2. Up close pics with some sort of ruler would be good reference to have.


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