Monday, August 17, 2009

Filling in the Air Vents - Part I

I started work on fabbing the filler pieces for the fresh air vents. I first made a template of the curve of the Karmann Ghia nose on thick cardstock. Then I cut a 7"x16" blank out of my sheet stock. I worked it on the english wheel until the contour of the panel matched the contour of the template. In hind sight I should have cut my blank longer and made both left and right sides at the same time. I then transferred the lines from the hole in the nose to the metal and trimmed it out.

I also fabbed up a patch to fill in the section of the inner fender where it meets the fresh air intake. Hopefully I will have some time tomorrow night to start welding these pieces into the car.

Nose curve template on the Ghia
Template on the sheet metal patch
Patch clamped into place for fitting
Inner fender patch

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