Saturday, August 15, 2009

Patching Nose and Removing Fresh Air Duct

I spent a few hours today patching up the area on the driver's side where the inner fender meets the nose. Again the PO "fixed" this area by slathering on the bondo. A few minutes at the E-Wheel to get the patch shaped and it was on to cutting, welding and grinding.

When I had that area cleaned up I went under the passenger side fender to remove the fresh air duct like I did on the other side. I was able to cut it all out and I have ground off the bottom flange. I'll need to go back and grind off the top flange tomorrow or sometime next week. It's really hard work to hold an 8" grinder over your head to cut and grind up inside this area. I should really mount this car up to the rotisseree that I built. Oh well... I am almost done with this part.

I have given myself a deadline of the end of summer to complete the metalwork for the car. I figure I will need to have the front end complete by the end of August to be on schedule. As I look forward the list for the front end is getting short. I have the following parts to address:
-finish removing the PS air duct
-fab the PS lower inner fender
-weld on both lower inner fenders
-patch the hole where the fresh air diverter sat
-fab up Rt and Lt bumper mounts
-install the headlight buckets
-fill the fresh air grills
-fill a few pin holes and grind down all the welds.

Rust holes outlined
Patch welded in

fresh air duct before
Rear section of duct removed

Front section of duct removed

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