Sunday, August 2, 2009

Luggage Compartment Gets Paint

I got started early this morning (7:30) and drug the car outside since the humidity was low and the air was really still. I forgot to remove the fuel filler neck before blasting, so I removed it before the paint went on. It took about 15 minutes to figure out how to remove it and about 30 minutes to get it out and clean up the sand that spilled out of it. For those taking notes, I cut the rubber grommet that sits just below the gas cap. Once I cut it off from below, I was able to push the filler neck about 1" into the luggage compartement of the Ghia and then twist it so the filler neck was horizontal instead of vertical. With that done, it slid right out into the front fender well. I then popped out the gromment from the inner fender wall and was home free.

I blew the dust off and started squirting paint. I used DP-90 epoxy with PPG's thinner so it would act like a sealer. I was able to paint the luggage area, hood and headlight buckets. I need to hit a few spots again (I'm not the world's greatest painter). I'll do that the next time I am painting up parts.
Luggage area blasted and painted
Hood painted. Can you tell where I painted the headlight buckets?
Headlight buckets painted up

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