Thursday, August 6, 2009

I received my front apron from Mike at HOG this week, so I am prepping to install it (hopefully this weekend. When I was blasting the trunk it was evident that the DS lower corner of the "inner front panel" had given up the ghost. I figured I better repair it with the old apron in place so it would align correctly. I worked in two sessions. About 1/2 an hour to fab up the patch. I got the pleasure of making it twice since I forgot to add the bottom flange the first time... And then I spent about an hour after we got back from diner cutting out the old, welding in the new and grinding everything down. I had a 1/4" error at the left side of the patch, so the welding was heavy in that area.

I am going to check out the PS tomorrow night to see if it needs to be repaired as well. The little triangular horizontal piece is still there, so I can't see what's going on below it until I remove that piece.

Looking through the fresh air grill opening to the lower inner panel
Patch welded in
Welds ground down

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