Friday, August 7, 2009

Removing Right Front Bumper Mount

I'm hoping to get the front apron cut out and fit tomorrow, so I needed to make a few last minute preps this evening. I spent about an hour cutting out the PS front bumper mount. Notice this time I cut BELOW the wrinkle where the tire sits! That will save me a bit of time when I fab up the new patch panel.

When I removed the little triangle that ties the inner front lower panel to the inner fender I found a small rust hole (you can see it in the second pic below). I ground it out to good metal and welded it shut. Hopefully the apron section will go smooth. I am not planning to use the entire width of the new apron, just enough to catch all the rusty bits. The patch does not have enough material to make the hem folds on either sides of the lower front panel, so I'll leave the original in place there.
bumper mount marked to cut
Mount cut out and small rust hole off to the right is ready for welding

Hole welded up just to the right of the grinder.

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