Monday, August 10, 2009

Right Front Lower Headlight Area - Part 2

My plan to section up the panel below the PS headlight worked like a charm. It actually made me feel like I sort of know what I am doing! I spent about 15 minutes fitting up the second piece of the patch. I welded the two pieces together while they were clamped to the car so I would know if they warped out of the desired shape.

After I stitched them together, I traced the edges and cut out the bad section. About 20 minutes of cutting and fitting and I was ready to weld in the new patch. Once again I used my Harbor Freight panel clamps to hold everything in place. I now think those might be my best $10 purchase in the past decade. 10x better than any vice grip. When I use my big 10" or 12" vice grips, the weight of the clamp often pulls the panel out of place. The HF clamps are small and light and have no limitations where they can sit. I have been scalloping a bit of extra metal out where they sit so the joints are a bit tighter than if there were no scallops. I LOVE those clamps.

I will get this patch and the apron ground down and finished off later in the week.

Two patches clamped in place
Panels welded together
Bad section removed, good section welded in

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