Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lower Headlight Patch

I worked on a patch for the lower section of the headlight panel on the right side of the car the other day... I didn't get the fit I wanted (I'm not a wheeling expert yet). I remember reading a section of a book on sheet metal fabrication that said if the panel gets too complicated cut it in half and make two simpler pieces... I am much better at welding than wheeling, so it was time to cut this one in half (even though it's pretty small to begin with.) The hem on the back side of the panel made it that much more difficult.

I spent about 15 minutes cutting this down, hammering it and wheeling it to the correct contour, then I drew the line for the hem and hammered it into the panel. The curve at the bottom made the hem somewhat difficult. Later in the week I'll make the part to the left of this one and weld them together.
Too many marks! The thin line is the final mark.

Patch clamped on. The ill fit at the bottom right is the hem sitting on the existing panel face, not bad fabrication!

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